Kid’s study room

Kid's study room

Materials: LAGAN Countertop, beech

Description: I needed to put a study table in a narrow room that we recently added so it had to be custom made.

Since 90% of our home is made from IKEA 🙂 I decided to use a Lagan kitchen counter top as a school table. Not only was it inexpensive but the hardwood finish is beautiful to look at.

Kid's study room
Kid's study room

A comparable wood piece at Home Depot would have been very expensive and not as good looking.

I cut the Lagan counter top almost in half. Trimmed off about 1 inch from the sides which I used as a brace underneath running across the studs.

I also used triangle brackets to hold up the table underneath.

It is sturdy but any heavy pushing on the edge could bring it down. So far my 3 boys haven’t broken it yet.

The flooring is TUNDRA maple effect and the cabinets are AKURUM Wall cabinet

This room is 99% IKEA made.

~ Mark, SoCal