Previously on Ikeahackers: Hacks to make life easier in the kitchen

Need a few little helpers in your kitchen? Here are a few that may help in keeping your home spic and span easier.

Make it easy to reach
No more burying your head under the kitchen sink cabinet to find the right detergent. Turn that dead space under your sink usable with a detergent turntable. A Snudda lazy Susan, Skala tray and glue gun is all you need. See more.

Lift them from the ground
Not enough space? With a little ingenuity you can hang up all your spray bottles and have space for other cleaning items. See more.

Spice it up
Put a little spicy in your day. The Ribba picture ledge is just perfect for spice bottles. Easy to reach and looks amazing too. See more.

Put it on display
Fancy collection of pot and pans? Why not put them on display with a hanging pot rack. Easy to do and adds instant “chef” status to your kitchen. See this, this and this.

Crumble not
Don’t waste time sweeping up crumbs. Groove your chopping board to collect the pesky little fall outs. See more.