Deluxe GORM or HEJNE Pedalboard

This might seem a little decadent, but aside from its practical use my deluxe GORM/ HEJNE pedalboard is excellent as a musician’s living room decoration.

Deluxe Gorm HEJNE Pedalboard


  • Gorm (or HEJNE) shelf
  • Dioder LED bar
  • White enamel spray paint
  • Velcro
  • Rubber feet

GORM or HEJNE pedalboard hack

All in all I have three “Gorm Boards”. All made from the same IKEA product: the GORM shelf. (The GORM is now replaced by the HEJNE, which is pretty much similar. ~ editor)

I always pull out the outermost planks and refix them again a bit farther apart from each other so cables better fit in between and to have a slightly larger real estate.

Stained or painted it — white enamel spray paint in this case. Added rubber feet (get them from any hardware store or case and rack builders). Essential Velcro.

Deluxe Gorm HEJNE Pedalboard

Now it doesn’t really help seeing things on stage but the DIODER lighting strip were just something I had to try.

Deluxe Gorm HEJNE Pedalboard

They fit beneath perfectly and with a little cable management they become invisible, too.

Hope your like my deluxe GORM/ HEJNE pedalboard.

~ Florian, Hamburg, Germany

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This post was updated from the original to include current material.

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