Expedit in the Closet, with half-shelf inserts

Materials: Expedit 2×4, Expedit inserts

This is a hack inspired by a previous hack, and adapted for my use.

I put a 2×4 Expedit in my closet as a shelf support and to contain my shoes and folded clothes. But the Expedit cubes are so tall and deep, one could only stack so many sweaters before they start falling and looking messy. I could install the drawers, but frankly they are expensive. And shoes! None of my shoes go beyond 6 inches in height overall, and all that space above would be wasted! If only Ikea sells simple half-shelf inserts… (seriously, why aren’t they? I can’t be the only one that thinks this.)

So I took the idea of the half-shelf inserts from this previous ikeahackers post to address the wasted cube space problem.

I loosely followed the instructions the other reader’s post and made my own adjustments. The first half-shelf fit nicely inside the cube (see the upper 4 cubes). The second half-shelf has a half-inch gap (see the lower 4 cubes). I filled in the gap with some cardboard, and cover the surface with cork drawer liner. Contact paper or other decorative surface can be used also.

The result is an efficient Expedit suitable for clothes and shoes storage! The best part is, each original insert can be used for 2 cubes, so I only needed 4 inserts to fill up 8 cubes, which cut down the cost by half, and still got the same amount of storage!

See more of the Expedit closet with half shelf inserts.

~ rita, SF bay area