Kilby as a bass trap

Kilby bookcase, acoustic panels, Lenda fabric

Description: A simple but effective bass trap for acoustic correction.
Using some acoustic panel (made of cotton, totally harmless) and following the rules of the acoustic gurus, I’ve locked a layer of material on the bottom of the Kilby, using a simple cotton wire stapled on the sides, then I’ve created a “stapled-wire-bed” a few inches from the front side of the Kilby itself. On this “bed” I put a second layer of acoustic material and stapled it on the front.

Same thing on the upside of the Kilby: layer of acoustic cotton, stapled wire, some inches of empty space, the “stapled-wire-bed”, second layer of material, stapled wire to lock it on site.

Once done a couple of Kilbys I covered them with Lenda cotton. Now they sit on the corners of my homestudio, doing their work: to capture the low frequencies.

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~ Ugo, Italy