You’ll have space for this simple $8 makeup organizer

back of door makeup organizer

So I did this back-of-door makeup organizer because I just moved into an house with an existing wardrobe.

As I did not yet have a makeup table, I decided to repurpose the space in my wardrobe below my mirror to hold my makeup.

I always thought IKEA kitchen section to be a great place to look for DIY stuff.

The cheap containers hung well on the short spice rack. It was the only rack that was short enough to fit on my door. 

And here’s what I did. It’s very easy.

IKEA items used:
Other materials and tools:

How to hang a wardrobe door makeup organizer: 

Make pencil markings on the wood wardrobe door for the area where the wood screws should be positioned.

The BEKVÄM Spice Rack comes with 2 keyholes to slot the screw heads in. It’s important to get the length and size of the screws correct. So test them on the keyholes before screwing them in.

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And don’t use screws that are too long or you’ll puncture the front of your wardrobe door.

One other important thing — use flat head screws. You’ll never get round head screws in the slots.

Use a drill to pre-drill your wardrobe door and place the screws in.

door makeup organizer

Then, hang the spice rack. 

Hang SUNNERSTA containers off the BEKVÄM rod. Add other containers to organize your makeup.

And you’re done!

door makeup organizer

It cost around $8 SGD total, for the BEKVÄM Spice Rack at $5 and SUNNERSTA containers at $0.90 each.

It’s a simple hack, doable by most people and very functional. The only part that needed a bit more attention was putting in the screws and eyeballing the level.

Try not to overload the rack since it’s hanging off 2 wood screws on your wardrobe door. And yes, do check that you can shut the door.

I would have loved if the containers came in more designs/ colours

~ by Ling