Papa went to… WOoD StoCK

For a long time I wanted to thank Jens from Stuttgart … So, thanks Jens! Your stone wall / BESTÅ hack spent many month on my mind to the point it turned to a ‘fanatical’ have to reach goal…

Papa was a ... BESTÅ stone hack

4 years later, I finally made my own version.

BESTÅ media center with wood panels

Guidelines: Must be ‘WAF’ (Wife Approval Factor)

Wife wanted warm materials to be used / Must add warmth to the room for long evening cuddle (plaid + fireplace + hot chocolate etc…)
Have to ‘blend in’. We have a big opened space (kitchen/dining room/living room) with mainly black and white stuff… a bit ‘cold’/ ‘need colors’ according to my wife. 🙂

I also ‘improved’ the whole thing by combining other hacks found on this great site.

Such as:

« BESTÅ Floating Media Center », so my cleaning robot easily goes under the cabinets.
« BESTÅ/Utrusta flipdown drawer» inspired by this hack.
« Coffee table» from this hack with the top painted with high gloss white (Finally I had to remove the wheels. Thanks to my 6yo twins using it as a skateboard. :))

All the ‘wirings’ are integrated, lights are remotely controlled and the HTPC (+keyboard) is hidden behind the ‘flip down drawer’.
USB dongle for the keyboard has found its place next to the TV decoder so no need to constantly open/close the HTPC hatch.

How it’s done?

Basically, I followed to the letter Jens instructions and used quite the same materials. More info here.

IKEA materials used to build this:

  • 1x BESTÅ Burs rack, white
  • 1x BESTÅ Burs rack, black
  • 2x BESTÅ cabinets, white (120x40x38cm)
  • 3x BESTÅ Tofta Doors, black
  • 1x BESTÅ Tofta Drawer, black
  • 1x BESTÅ cabinet (60x40x64cm)
  • 1x BESTÅ Tofta Door with black wooden and a glass-part in the middle
  • 1x Utrusta hinge
  • 2x BESTÅ Glass top Panel

Non-IKEA materials:

  • Screws + Screw anchors
  • Dimmable LED spots
  • Wood for the frame
  • Wood planks (3 different width)
  • Wood coating (3 different colors)
  • Nail Gun + Nails

The most tricky part was to cut into the Utrusta plastic cover (without breaking it)

Time spent on the project : Couple of evenings + we had a lot of fun with wife & kids building/assembling cabinets, wood frame, etc…

More shots:

BESTA media center-7

BESTA media center-6

BESTA media center-3

BESTA media center-1

BESTA media center-2

BESTÅ media center with wood panels

BESTÅ media center with wood panels

~ by Stephane Martin, Belgium