Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount

Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount

Materials: Stolmen

Description: I live in a small flat and wanted to try and use as little floor space as possible when fitting my plasma.

I had already bought a wall bracket with my 50″ plasma so fitted that to the two cross bars with “U” bolts from B & Q. The TV then fitted on the bracket as normal.

As well as this I wanted unit to hide a wall radiator plus take an X-box, sound bar, magazine rack, DVD and have storage.

Managed all and it looks good too.

Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount
Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount
Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount
Stolmen Plasma TV & gadget mount

Used two poles, two half depth shelves, three shoe racks, four cross poles and a couple of hooks.

Mounted the TV as shown above with the wall bracket and “U” bolts.
Only drilling involved was the holes for the u-bolts in the bracket and to mount the DVD

Just above the radiator I fitted one shelf tight to the wall and the other high up again tight against the wall but adjusted the height as required when finished. I then fitted one of the shoe racks vertical above the lower shelf butting up to it.
The TV was then fitted to just touch the upper edge.

Below the shelf the second show rack was fitted to take take magazines, books etc.
Below that was fitted the third show rack again vertical and used to fit a sound bar. On the upper shoe rack was fitted an LG Floating DVD player with the cables pulled to the back after drilling holes.(1 hole for a wire still to do!)

One of the two remaining poles was fitted behind the lower shoe rack to stop it rotating with the weight of the sound bar. The last pole is still to be fitted but will be fitted above the upper shelf to help as the back of a DVD rack.

All cables are out of sight with the x-box tucked away at the back but with good access.

Only cables in sight are one supply to a 4 gang socket and one aerial which are both white and match the wall.

The radiator is still used but with the shelf above it the air flow and thus heat output are down but the flat is still warm so no problems that way.

Hope you like!!!!

~ Chief

Jules Yap