Hollywood Regency Baby Changing Station

Materials: Two Aneboda chest of drawers, Ballard Designs Fretwork panels, cut- to-order mirrors

I love the look of mirrored fretwork furniture and had always wanted to attempt an Ikea hack.

I needed a place to change my baby and store her clothes. When I came across the Aneboda drawers for about $59 each, I thought that they would work perfectly.

At my local glass shop I had them cut mirrors to fit the drawer panels which originally came with just corrugated plastic panels.

Next I used mirror adhesive that I bought at the hardware store and applied it generously to the back of the mirror. With the door off of the drawer, I stuck the mirror onto the plastic and left to dry completely.

I then purchased the wooden fretwork panels from Ballard Design. Using a table saw, I cut them to fit the front of the drawers. Before gluing them on with the same adhesive, I sanded the edges and painted them white.

I am so happy with how it came out that my next project will be the wardrobe.

~ Anne