Chinoiserie dresser with plain IKEA MALM

When we moved to a new house, I had some IKEA furniture for which I no longer had a specific use.  The house was bigger, I didn’t have enough furniture for some rooms and I did not want to spend more money.

In addition, I wanted to make furniture for the hall in a more classic style than these IKEA dresser. That’s why I decided to transform my daughter’s old MALM dresser into an chinoiserie entryway dresser.

IKEA items used:
Other materials and tools:

Chinoiserie MALM dresser

The first thing I did was to clean the dresser thoroughly so that the chalk paint, (which does not need a primer) would grip well on to the formica.

malm 6 drawer chest

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Once clean and dry, I began to cover it with black paint. I put two coats of paint, letting it dry 24 hours after each one.

painting with chalk paint
painted with chalk paint

Next, I cut small strips of bevel wood moulding to put on the drawers and painted them with silver paint. Then I glued them with contact glue forming a rectangle with the strips on the fronts of the drawers.


Finally I painted the handles and the Chinese door knocking cabinet pull in silver (since I only found them in bronze color) and screwed them on the drawers.

brass handles
chinese door knocker cabinet pulls
chinoiserie dresser

And voilá! I finished the dresser!

I was pleasantly surprised by how the dresser turned out and what little time it took me: about three days taking into account the two days of drying the paint. 

chinoiserie dresser

All in all it wasn’t too expensive.

The mouldings came up to a total of 3€, the handles cost me about the same amount as the mouldings and the Chinese door knocker cabinet pulls 13€ in Amazon.

Of course, I already owned the MALM dresser.

Now, my new entryway cabinet looks wonderful and it’s just like I imagined.

chinoiserie dresser

I decorated the entrance in silver and this is what it looks like now. I hope you like it!

~ by Begoña, Madrid, Spain