Rusch, modernized

Rusch clock, wooden dowels, paint, glue

Description: I wanted to create a large, modern-looking wall clock on the cheap. Enter the Rusch clock, which is only $2.

I got some thin wooden dowels (24″ in length, 6 dowels total) at Michael’s. Cut each dowel in half to get 12 12-inch dowels, and glued them to the back side of the clock using hot glue.

Also fashioned an (ugly) hook out of wire, and hot glued that to the back as well.

After the glue set, I painted the dowels using black craft paint, and then decided to paint the outline of the clock face as well.

I wanted to hide the numbers a bit on the clock face to make them less prominent, so I attached a piece of white printer paper using double-sided tape to the clock face. The numbers are still visible, but are more grayed out now.

Ta-dah! Clock is done, all for under $10.

Make sure to measure carefully where the dowels should be glued. I got lazy, and as a result, my 9-o’clock dowel is not perfectly lined up. Boo.

~ Sarah, San Francisco