Wicker basket bathroom furniture

Ikea%2BHack 774355

BYHOLMA baskets two sizes

The purpose was to create a bathroom cabinet.
The style needed to be nature/zen.

Steps followed:
1. Bought oak table and fixed two sinks on it (non Ikea Hack)
2. Then just created two planks at the right size. Made sure to support them somewhere in the middle with a vertical plank.
3. Fix a wooden beam to support the baskets position.
4. Just fill both planks with the BYHOLMA wicker baskets (used two versions)
5. On the water siphon, cut the wicker from the basket away such that it can pass.

The result is a oak tabletop with a wicker look front.
There is also some space behind the baskets to stuff some bathroom stock items.

~ G. E., Belgium

Jules Yap