IKEA Laundry Room Ideas: How to Create a Functional and Stylish Space

ikea laundry room ideas

IKEA is a go-to source for many home improvement and home decorating ideas. Here we’ll share tips and ideas on how to use IKEA products, which may not necessarily be made for laundry, to make a laundry room look great.

Mix and match IKEA storage systems

Kris blended two popular IKEA systems together with fabulous results. She used IKEA kitchen wall cabinets (SEKTION with AXSTAD doors) for the storage cabinets above the washing machine and dryer. On the other side, she made built-in storage with PAX frames, shelves, drawers and KOMPLEMENT pull-out rails. The final touch of these acrylic bar pulls completes the style.

Open shelving for laundry rooms

For Melissa, they wanted to refresh the laundry room quickly and affordably. And they wanted a shelving unit that will let them air dry and fold clothes, besides having shelves for baskets and bins. The solution was the IKEA ELVARLI shelving system. She chose the freestanding option of the ELVARLI and worked out a combination of open shelving and drawers. They added a clothes rail works for air drying. The drawer top doubles as a folding station. It’s a simple and easy DIY solution. And great option for renters too.

Set a laundry zone in the bathroom

If you don’t have a dedicated room for laundry, section out an area in your bathroom for this purpose. Install shelving systems like the IKEA JONAXEL or BOAXEL to create storage solutions for your laundry station. Then close up the area with bi-fold doors or curtains.

Use different textures and colors

IKEA laundry room ideas using different textures to create a stunning room
Mable Cheung | Semihandmade | Photography by Vicki Bartel

Mable chose the winning combination of matte white and wood texture in her laundry room makeover. These are custom Semihandmade door fronts added on IKEA SEKTION cabinets. The combination of two different materials elevates this room from a regular laundry set up to gorgeous.

Raise the washer-dryer

IKEA laundry room ideas to raise the washer dryer with a pedestal

Chris made this laundry pedestal hack from IKEA kitchen cabinets to minimise bending down to work the front loading washing machine and tumble dryer. That’s not all, it even hides a genius shelf. Pull the shelf out from above the drawers and you have a place to set the laundry basket. It makes loading and unloading quick, convenient and it saves your back.

Use open and closed storage

It’s a small laundry room, but that doesn’t stop jillgg from maximising every bit of space. From the stacked washer-dryer, to the IKEA LACK shelves on the right, rolling laundry bins and tall slim cabinet on the other — this little laundry room has everything going for it.

Turn a balcony into a laundry station

In small apartments, every little bit of space counts. And if you’re looking to fit in a small laundry area, I recommend the balcony (if you have one). It’s a great spot for laundry as it already gets lots of light! You can easily customise the BOAXEL shelving system for a small laundry space. Navigate to the BOAXEL planner to map out exactly how you want to organize your laundry zone. The BOAXEL is made out of powder coated steel and IKEA says it’s good for humid areas of the home.

Install a farmhouse kitchen sink

A sink is always a good idea for hand washing delicates, spot cleaning and just simply cleaning your hands after messing with chemicals. Mary’s laundry room is made with IKEA SEKTION cabinets with door and drawer fronts from Semihandmade. Unfortunately, she did not divulge the source for the gorgeous sink but I found one here that looks like it.

Add bamboo laundry storage

Looking at Rifaat’s photo, the NORDKISA bamboo sliding wardrobe is perfect for his laundry space. The NORDKISA has a clothes rail to hang up clothes for drying, shelves for detergents, towels, baskets and bins. The wood slat frame and doors keep things well-ventilated with mess inside stylishly obscured.

Add a pegboard for laundry essentials

Add the IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard to the wall for frequently reached items. With the many shelves, hooks and holders, the SKÅDIS is very versatile and can be easily tailored to your laundry needs.

Organize on walls

Use wall space for hooks and hang up your drying racks, ironing board and more. If there isn’t an empty wall, the back of a door is prime real estate for some storage organization.

Sort your laundry in a dozen ways

Andi and Laura take their laundry sorting very seriously. They stacked three TROFAST storage units, labelled the bins and turned them into a sorting station. They explained they sometimes have a lot of laundry with 3 children at home and a number of pets. With a large sorting area, the laundry room always looks neat, even if they don’t run the washer for a week.

For the less ambitious, the SORTERA bins are also fantastic laundry sorting bins.

If you have an IKEA hack in your laundry room, share it with us.