Gross cushions to clean wooden seats

Materials: Aron chair, wood, paint stain, wood glue. router, hand saw, 2 “L” brackets, laquer

Description: We bought these chairs used, and with 3 young children, they quickly got nastier than they were originally. My husband decided he could fix the issue.

We unscrewed the bottom of the chairs, and cut the cushions off. This left the wooden piece on the bottom. We then used this wooden piece as a stencil, and cut out new pieces of wood, a bit bigger. We also cut the wood to fit around the middle rails on the back, which the cushion did not do. We used the router to give it nice, round edges. We then painted the new piece of wood, several times with stain and then the Lacquer. Afterwards, we glued the new piece of wood to the old wooden bottom, and then screwed the new piece on the bottom of the chair.

Now we have nice, beautiful, easy to clean chairs for our young children to use at the dining room table. We will eventually buy or make new cushions for the chairs as well, for when we have guests.

~ Aimee

Jules Yap