Simple kitchen island from bed slats

Materials: Sultan Lade bed slats, saw, drill with screwdriver bit, screws, hammer, finishing nails

Description: Saw some kitchen island that I liked but none of them had the exact dimensions I needed, nor did I want to spend $50+ on something that didn’t work for us. Every renter can use a little extra counter space, right?
So I came across a guy getting rid of the Sultan Lade bed slats on Craigslist and I picked them up.

I just winged it with the dimensions, measuring our counter and the space around it to suit our needs. The wood is soft enough that it’s easy to cut and easy to drill a screw through it without a pilot hole, so I hammered some of the pieces and screwed others. But it’s also strong enough to hold steady when all put together.

It took less than an hour and voila! A simple, custom made island. Nothin’ to it. and plenty of slats left over for another shelf or anything I might need in the future.

~ Jason, Eagle Rock, LA, CA

Jules Yap