See these abandoned bed slats in a new light

bed slats repurpose

The saying still holds true, “One’s man trash is another man’s treasure.”

Trammell repurposed a set of SULTAN LÖDINGEN bed slats salvaged from the trash into a chair.

He says, “Amsterdam’s trash is full of renewable resources, if you have the right bike to carry it home.”

bike in Amsterdam carrying a set of bed slats
Photo: Trammell Hudson/ Twitter

The SULTAN LÖDINGEN slats are made from layer-glued birch veneer to provide supply support, Despite its curved form, it is surprisingly strong.

And you can take it apart to make interesting stuff like this chair.

repurpose bed slats into a high back chair
Photo: Trammell Hudson/ Twitter

Repurpose bed slats to curvy chair

He first dismantled the slats from the beams. Then, with a jigsaw, shortened them for the seat. These cut slats are then glued to the shortened beams and fixed with screws.

The same process is repeated but with longer slats for a high back chair.

clamping the back of the chair
Photo: Trammell Hudson/ Twitter

The slats on the left and right go all the way to the floor to serve as legs.

a horizontal bar supports the seat
Photo: Trammell Hudson/ Twitter

Trammell also used the slats for the brace at the base of the chair. With the curved legs, I reckon there would be a bit of “bounce” when one sits on the chair?

For the remaining slats, he fashioned them into a hanging sculpture.

hanging art sculpture
Photo: Trammell Hudson/ Twitter

Surprising what you can do with trash.

With a bit of ingenuity and elbow grease, we can keep stuff out of the landfill.

Want more ideas?

If you have bits of bed slats left over, you can repurpose them into a bathmat/ duckboard.

bathmat or duckboard made from bed slats

Or a simple wooden jewellery organizer which you can fasten behind a door. Space saving and tidy.

wooden jewelery organizer hung behind the door

And they are made for a vertical garden. Just hang the bed slats on hooks and dress up with plants. I used pots with hooks. If I were to do this again, I get a self-watering version.

Even IKEA is advocating we give their furniture a second chance with the Buy Back program and Circular Hub. So, let’s keep hacking.

We’re on the right track.