Wicker trash cans to fancy storage for the bath

Materials: Wicker basket, water hyacinth placemat cover, rope

Description: I needed storage for the bathroom. I liked the FLÄTA ($39.99) laundry basket and BRANÄS ($14.99) black basket for my open shelving, but I would need 3 Flatas and 5 Branas for a total of almost $200. But for only $56 I got the same effect.

I made the laundry baskets from wicker ($7.99) trash baskets. I added a SOARÉ ($3.99) water hyacinth place mat as a cover. To make the handle of the cover and add decoration to the basket, I used white clothes line rope, with pliers I punched a hole in the placemat and pulled a loop of rope through and tied a knot on the underside. More rope was woven near the top of the basket to coordinate.

Instead of BRANÄS, a smaller basket in black ($4.99). I also found 3 BESTA doors in the as-is department which I used as frames above the storage.

~ Suzanne Seale, Boston, MA