Window Shelf for Dog

Materials: Fabian Shelf, Irma throw, Irma cushion, a generic wood board, shelf bracket, paint

1) I first cut the Irma cushion open and glued the filling onto the shelf, then wrapped the case around the shelf, pulled tightly and glued together underneath

2) Next I assembled the shelf.

3) I measured and cut the board the line the shelf, leaving one side open for my dog to jump onto the shelf.

4) I then nailed together the 2 pieces of the board to each other (L shape), and then painted it.

5) Next I nailed the board to the shelf. At this point the shelf has 2 sides covered by the board, the back open ready to attach to wall, and one side open for access to jump onto shelf.

6) Finally I found studs in the wall and attached the completed shelf, reinforcing with the shelf bracket underneath. Added the Irma throw and voila!

My dog (chihuahua) LOVES his shelf and spends most of his day in it.

~ Michelle, Ontario, Canada

Jules Yap