25% A/V Storage 75% Malm

Materials: MALM 4-drawer chest, white

Description: Malm unit converted into 25% Audio/Video storage, 75% Malm drawer storage.

First, we setup the Malm unit as the directions state. We did not assemble the 4th drawer and instead left the top space open. We visited the Ikea as-is section and purchased a $1.99 as-is piece of white, laminated wood. We cut this to the width of the inside of the Malm unit.

We purchased corner braces, long hinge, magnetic strike, and white, laminate chain at our local hardware store. First, we mounted the corner braces to the inside wall both (L) and (R) side.

Next, we cut the white laminated board to size and mounted it to the angle braces. We cut 2, 6 x 6 squares out of the rear board to fit the cords of the A/V equipment.

Finally, we used the extended hinge to secure the front of the 4th drawer to the laminated white board. This created a hinged access door. Finally, we added the chain to give the door support and the magnetic striker to keep the door closed when we don’t need it open for access. Enjoy 🙂

~ Rob Reese II, New York, NY

Jules Yap