Vessla Kids Moveable Storage/Work Space

Materials: Vessla and Vessla Lid, Trofast shelf

Description: Katie’s creates a movable storage and work space for her daughters. Their favorite activities are drawing and puzzles both of which we have always done at the kitchen table. Trying to do them both simultaneously on the kitchen table often ends with tears or pieces all over the floor. So recently at Ikea Katie picked up a few storage boxes (Vessla) and a two pack of flat white shelves (Trofast) for $9.00.

Her idea was to glue the shelf to the storage box to store stuff and also have a surface for them girls to work on. Here’s how she did it:

1. Lay the shelf out on the lid of the storage box and mark with a pencil where you want the lid to be.
2. The lid is a little longer then the box but not as wide as the box so it gives ample work space without taking up too much room.

3. Then use an industrial strength adhesive (E-6000 from Michael’s) on the back of the shelf and attach it to the lid, matching up the edges with the pencil lines. You could also probably screw them together.

Katie made two separate work spaces one for each kid. One is filled with blank paper, coloring books, lots of markers, crayons and colored paper. The other was filled with puzzles, which are kept in Ziploc bags. The best thing is, the boxes can be rolled around so they can be moved anywhere, closed up and stored away.

See more of the kid’s workspace and storage box.

~ Katie Gill-Harvey