Custom Crazy Clock

Materials: TAJMA wall clock ($9.99), Scissors, fabric glue, fabric, an inexpensive paintbrush, paper adhesive (such as double-sided tape), computer drawing program (such as Photoshop, Paint, GIMP, etc.), a box cutter, and small hand saw.

Description: Hi! I wanted a bright, fun clock for the pop-art inspired home office we decorated (a previous Ikea Hacker post), but didn’t find anything I really liked. After making curtains and pillows from Ikea fabric, I had some left over and though it would be the perfect pattern on the clock.

Using Ikea’s TAJMA wall clock for only $10, I created a fun and coordinated clock for this home office. I almost opted for using cut up strips of an Ikea catalogue as I was inspired by another Ikea Hacker post I read this morning (Ikea catalogue curtains – genius!), so any fabric or paper will do just fine.

See the step by step guide for the personalised clock.

~ Form & Function

Jules Yap