The Dog Suite

Materials: Kura bed with mattress and slatted bed base, Dioder multipurpose lighting, Expedit shelf, wire cubes, zip ties, paint

Description: I wanted a bigger cage for my dog that I could turn into her own room. I wanted a cage big enough to provide enough space for her bed, toys, food/water, etc. The Kura bed allowed me to create a cage with a guest bed on top for when our nieces and nephews visit.

1. Assemble Kura bed so that the bed is on top
2. Paint the wood the color of your choice
3. Using Dioder multipurpose lighting, screw the light under every other slate under the bed

4. Use crate material of your choice and zip tie or nail into place. I picked up cheap wire cube assembly at a garage sale and zip tied the panels together.
5. Remove one of the legs from the ladder to create a door. Screw in basic cabinet hinges and place an Expedit shelf for the door. I actually found a piece of wood from the Handyman section at the Ikea store that fit nicely and was priced at $0.30.
6. Add a creative charm and write your dog’s name on the panel. I picked up cheap wooden letters and tied red yarn around them.

Easy and creative! My dog loves her new room and has plenty of space to stretch, sleep, eat, and play while we are gone at work.

~ Pete Smidt, Chicago