Dom Perignon X Andy Warhol Limited Edition Wall Art

Materials: RÄCKA Curtain Rod, SYRLIG Curtain Ring with Clip and Hook, BETYDLIG Wall/Ceiling Bracket, Petit Key Rings, Cable Ties, Copper Chain

Description: 1) Install RÄCKA Curtain Rod with SYRLIG Curtain Rings & Hooks.

1.1 – Length of RÄCKA Curtain Rod to be determined depending on desired spacing between bottles.

2) Cut Copper Chain into desired lengths. May vary length depending on hanging style.

3) Prepare Champagne Dummy Bottles
3.1 – Drill Holes through the Bottle Corks.
3.2 – Affix curtain ties with petit key rings. Ensure that curtain ties are tightly fastened.

4) Attaching Champagne Dummy Bottles to RÄCKA Curtain Rod
4.1 – Affix one end of the Copper Chain to petit key ring affix on the Champagne Dummy Bottle.
4.2 – Affix the other end of the Copper Chain to the SYRLIG Curtain Ring & Hook.

Voila! …A collection of Dom Perignon Vintage 2002, Tribute to Andy Warhol Limited Edition Bottles Wall Art.

~ Michael Tan, Malaysia