Here’s how to make your walls seriously high end, on a budget

Rosandra wanted to add boiserie or wainscoting to her walls.

But in Italy, getting a craftsman to make a real wainscot is very expensive. So she turned to IKEA to create picture frame wainscoting, at a very much lower price.

With some DIY gungho, she got the luxurious boiserie she was aiming for. Just feast your eyes on the end result of her picture frame wainscoting.

IKEA VIRSERUM picture frame
VIRSERUM picture frame |
IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledge
MOSSLANDA picture ledge |

She bought a number of VIRSERUM photo frames and picture ledges from IKEA. Then it was all a matter of setting them into place.

Picture frame wainscoting instructions

First, she installed the MOSSLANDA picture ledges about one third up the wall. (Tip: Lower rails make your room look taller and bigger.) The picture ledges should span the entire length of the wall, functioning like a dado rail.

DIY picture frame wainscoting - IKEA hack

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Then, she measured and marked where she wanted the frames to go, leaving a consistent gap between each frame. Also keep the space at the top and bottom of the picture frames the same (i.e. distance from top of photo frame to picture ledge the same as distance from bottom of photo frame to baseboard.)

Next, she simply used silicone glue to fix the VIRSERUM frames on the wall, below the MOSSLANDA picture ledges. You can also fix them with finishing nail, if you want them more securely attached.

DIY picture frame wainscoting - IKEA hack

The last step was to paint them in the same colour as the wall, for a seamless finish.

Yes folks, it’s picture frame wainscoting. But you’ll be forgiven to think they are real high end boiserie.

DIY picture frame wainscoting - IKEA hack

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DIY picture frame wainscoting - IKEA hack

Here’s the same picture frame wainscoting treatment on another wall.

DIY picture frame wainscoting - IKEA hack

~ by Rosandra @mommodesign