Hacker help: Pax fixing for renters

Photo: IKEA.com

Materials: Pax

Description: Dear all,

Sorry this is not a hack (yet!) but we’re in the process of buying and assembling the PAX wardrobe. AND here comes the sudden stressing question:

Will the PAX wardrobes fall on us? Any experience? And the reason why this could happen and any way to prevent it (apart from drilling)

Will the use of sliding doors be slightly better than opening doors, or the contrary?

As you may have understood, we’re renters and drilling holes in the wall is a very difficult option. (Apart from the fact we never did, so we might not do it correctly).

I could use fixing straps and nail it to the wall but wonder if this will really prevent it from falling.

So…..any help/advise/scary thoughts (not too much, we’re already worried enough!)welcome.

For the records, 2 of our friends didn’t fix the PAX and are safe for years now.

Our plan is a 2m wide wardrobe + another 1.50m one in another room.

~ Jerry, Belgium