Hackers Help: Thickness of the sliding door panels?

PAX sliding door frames

Hello IKEA hackers,

I want to make my own panels for the PAX sliding doors out of bamboo plywood but cannot find the thickness I need. Do you happen to know the thickness of the stock panels and if there is any tolerance for a slightly thicker panel?


~ Kreg


Hi Kreg

On IKEA’s website, they do list the sliding door panel’s dimensions.

PAX sliding door panels - ILSENG

Measurements for 4 ILSENG sliding door panels:

  • Width: 29 1/2″ (75 cm)
  • Height: 92 7/8″ (236 cm)
  • Thickness: 1/8″ (0.4 cm)

think the thickness sounds about right. 

Happy hacking,


Photos: IKEA.com

PAX sliding door panels - how thick

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