Spicing up the bedroom with a killer headboard

Materials: 4 x VIKA AMON high gloss RED (150 x 75 cm), 2 x wall shelf (similar to LACK, but from local HW supply since I wanted them in high gloss), battens from local HW supply, LED light strips (not IKEA since sold out on day of my visit), 4 x wall outlets, 2 x light switches, various screws and hinges

Description: My wife and I wanted to spice up our fairly boring bedroom in our newly built house and after long considerations chose to create a killer headboard from IKEA parts.

Here is how we did it:

1) Lay down all 4 VIKA AMON table tops on the floor next to each others. Be careful not to scratch the high gloss surface. We used the wrapping material as support.

2) Attach each VIKA AMON table top to the next using flat hinges. Use the wall as support, so the end of the table tops align perfectly (will be the top of the headboard)

3) Create a frame of the battens and mount it to the VIKA AMON table tops using bracketing hinges. We allowed 25 cm free space around, so the battens wouldn’t be visible after being attached to the wall.

4) Create a wall support mechanism by using 2 short pieces of batten on each side. The final headboard will be resting on the floor, so this is only to keep it flat against the wall in the upper part.

5) Month the either pieces on the wall accordingly. Use a measure to ensure right positioning.

6) Drill holes in the VIKA AMONs to allow the wall outlets to be fed from the back (WARNING! If you’re not a trained electrician, don’t do this on your own). We created 4 holes, since we have elevation beds that needs power too and we wanted those wire not to be too visible. Careful when drilling, so you don’t scratch the high gloss surface. We used tape to support this, which could easily be removed afterwards.

7) Connect all wall outlets and light switches.
8) Attached the LED stripes directly on the batten frame at the back. The version we got glued directly on.

9) Attach the shelves on each side as described in the instructions (no hacking here).

10) Mount the headboard on the wall and enjoy 😉

~ Soeren Juul Schroeder, Denmark