Vika Furuskog swing gate

image 786703
image 786703

Materials: Vika Furuskog, hinges, gate latch, deck screws, drills, table saw, lacquer

Description: My wife asked me to close off our balcony so our dogs can enjoy the outdoors without getting their paws dirty in the yard. Initially I was going to buy a cedar gate from Home Depot. However, I wanted something that was see through so it didn’t seem like our balcony shrank. I had an extra Vika Furuskog desk top lying around so I decided to use it.

1.) measure the width of the opening, make sure the Furuskog fit
2.) use a table saw, cut the Furuskog into 1.5″ strips (depend on how high you want your gate to be, I only needed 10)
3.) since our gate was 30″ high, I cut (2) 1″ strips to be used for the sides
4.) use the remaining piece to make the sides where the hinge and latch will be mounted
5.) sand down and apply lacquer to all the pieces
6.) screw the strips to the vertical pieces, I just chose 1.5″ spacing between the strips to make it more even
7.) install all the hardware on (ie. hinge, latch, handle if you want)

Problem solved!!! I also but a Besta caster on the end just so it doesn’t sag.

~ Roy, Vancouver

Jules Yap