Baby’s first shoes display box

Materials: 2 Ribba Frames, Wallpaper/Card Superglue

Description: Was quoted €60 to build a shadow-box frame and couldn’t find any shadow boxes in the art & craft shops here in Dublin.

1. Buy 2 Ribba Frames.
2. Remove back from frame 1(backing frame)
3. Paint/cover the back as you see fit. I went for a stereotyped blue for my boy! Put any other decorations you like on this. I put little coloured cubes that spell his name.

4. Superglue shoes in whatever position you like.
5. Put superglue on the top of frame 1.
6. Remove backing from frame 2.
7. Place frame 2 on top of frame 1 and hold in place until superglue sets.
8. Weep nostalgically as you realise your little baby is nearly 3 🙂

~ Ian Heffernan, Dublin