LACK bamboo room divider

Materials: LACK TV bench, DIODER LED multi-use lighting, bamboo canes, white stones

Description: We needed a great idea to create 2 spaces within our living + kitchen room.

“€œJust place the sofa in the middle of the room.”
“Ok, but it so weird to look at the back of your couch while eating in the kitchen, isn’€™t it?”
“Ok, EXPEDIT shelving unit suits us.”
Or not …
With its 39 cm depth, and 149 cm height, maybe it is too cumbersome.

Ok, let’€™s put together our wishes: we need to divide without closing, we need something cool to look at while eating, we do love a natural touch within a minimal context. Let’€™s add a super cool light effect on it. And that’s it.

White LACK TV bench: vertically place it on the longest side (without the feet on, obviously). The “€œnot white side” will be set against the sofa. You won’€™t see it. Take a plywood sheet (very cheap) and tailor cut it. It will be your base.

Fill the wonderful “€œflower box” you’ve just created with polystyrene blocks (to be honest, the only ingredient difficult to collect). Mill the polystyrene and wedge your bamboo canes into. Yes, bamboo canes!!

Different sizes, randomly placed, not all perfectly perpendicular.
Remember, this is not a jungle prison!!

Two final little steps still missing: DIODER led lighting fixed on the polystyrene + white stones to cover the polystyrene.

Your wonderful bamboo room divider is done.

~ Simone Rebeschini