Applåd storage bed

bilde7 790281
bilde7 790281

Materials: Applåd faktum top cabinet for fridge and mdf

Description: Our daughter needed a new bed. To utilize the little space she has, we wanted a bed to go under her window. The problem was that her room is only 204 cm narrow. No bed available for that in full size. That’s when it hit me, lets make an Ikea hack.

First we bought three Applåd Faktum cabinets made for wall mounting above the fridge.

Size is 57 cm high, and 60 cm wide. Depth is also standard 60 cm. Total 180 cm wide. I made a frame to fill in the caps on both sides of the cabinets and fasten the mdf “bed bottom”.

bilde2 779543
Making the frame- had to find out where to cut the skirting
bilde4 783139
The skirting is cut to size. Also got help from the inspector to check that everything was up to ordered standard.
bilde5 785110
Cabinets and frame mounted to the wall and around the cabinets. Also note the beam so I could use to sheets of mdf.
bilde6 787286
Everything covered in mdf. Used wood screws. Preparing for painting in colour “cotton”

The bed is 90 cm deep, but the cabinets are just 60 cm deep. So I made the bottom out of two sheets of mdf. One is 60 cm wide, and the one in the back is 30 cm wide. I also drilled two holes for easy lifting with two fingers. This makes the room behind the cabinets available. We us it to store an extra mattress.

~ Markus, Tårnåsen, Norway

Jules Yap