Hackers Help: FAKTUM wall cabinets on METOD rails?

ikea kitchen system - faktum

I have some FAKTUM wall cabinets from the old IKEA kitchen range which I need to mount at a new place. I thought, I would use the rails of the METOD system.

My question is: Is it possible to mount the old FAKTUM wall cabinets on a METOD rail?

I didn’t find any solution for that.




Hi Sandor

The FAKTUM used a screw and bracket system, while the METOD uses a suspension rail to keep it up on the wall.

FAKTUM wall cabinets vs. METOD

ikea kitchen system - faktum wall cabinets
ikea kitchen systems - metod wall cabinets

I believe that is the main difference between the two systems, besides the size change. In terms of the construction of the frame of the cabinet, not much has changed other than location of screw holes and cut outs for the brackets.

Brackets for the METOD system

If you get hold of the entire METOD rail system (not just the suspension rail but the brackets as well), you can modify the FAKTUM to fit.

I believe the brackets come packed with the METOD cabinet frame and are not sold individually. So you’ll need to source those from IKEA Customer Service. Ask if they have some spare ones to pass on to you.

Take a look at the METOD wall cabinet assembly manual and see how it works. Also take a look at the video. Then, compare it with the old FAKTUM. As I said, you’ll need to do make some adjustments to get them to play nice.

If not, there are other non-IKEA ways to wall mount a cabinet.

Any kitchen installer in our midst who knows how to make the best of these two systems?

Good luck on the project. Hope it goes well.

Happy hacking,


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