Expedit Walk-In-Closet

Materials: 14 Expedit Shelves

Description: Starting off with my first IKEA Hack, so bear with me, first time here,and English is not my first language..

What I want to show you here is how to build a Walk In Closet, using different sizes of the Expedit. The shelves comes original in single column (1×5), double column (2×4), and squares (2×2 – 4×4 – 5×5)

When I was using one whole room for clothes, I wanted to make sure to get most out of it, and I realized that if I used the original measurements of the Expedit series, I would make lots of non valued spaces/gaps on the walls.

The thing with the Expedit parts is that they all have the same depth and height, the length is what makes the difference, this means that if I eg need a single column with 4 boxes instead of 5 which is original, I buy 1 double column (2×4) and 1 single column (1×5) mix the parts and I have the parts needed for single column with 4 boxes… This is basically the thing I did, ending up making squares (4×5) single columns (1×2/1×4) etc

Buy using pen and paper I calculated measurements of the room, and started off calculating, ended up with buying 14 Expedit shelves before it was perfect.. Luckily most of the spare parts I had left, I build non original Expedit shelves and sold them online…:-)

When I had the right combination of non original Expedit’s I attached them to each other, inserted some white painted Lekman inserts for getting the drawer function (doubled one of them to get bigger box for dirty clothes in a 1×2 column), the top Expedit Squares, I did not complete, I wanted to install a metal tube so that I could hang up my shirts/jackets etc…

All in all these 2 sides including lots of Lekmann inserts cost me about $1200 subtracted the spare parts shelves sold online, which makes this project not to expensive:-)

~ Peik Helly-Hansen, Norway, Oslo