VIKA BYSKE With A Hidden Shelf


Description: I needed a new desk and wanted something modern that would fit in front of the window in my apartment. An Ikea had just opened in my city so I went shopping. The VIKA BYSKE table top had the exact right look to it but it wasn’t the right size. I bought it anyways and figured I would give it a try. I selected the VIKA MOLIDEN legs to go underneath. It was too big for the space I wanted it to fit in by about 18 Inches (45 cm).

I took it to Home Depot and asked if they could cut 9 inches off either end. They did it and didn’t even charge me a thing.

I took it home and drilled new holes to mount the VIKA MOLIDEN legs and attached them to the bottom.

I sanded down the edges and I had myself a brand new desk, the exact size I needed. This is where the next problem came in. I had way too much stuff that was going to have to sit on the floor under the desk or on the desktop. It made me wish I had bought a different desk with more places to hide things behind or inside it.

Back to Home Depot and Ikea. I picked up a EKBY TRYGGVE shelf, four galvanized iron floor flange’s and two galvanized iron pipes. I attached a floor flange to either end of each of the pipes to make my shelf mount. I screwed one of the flanges to the top right side of the shelf and one to the top left. The shelf attached to the bottom of the desk at the back where it’s against the wall and out of sight.

As you can see I now have a shelf with a set of speakers, a hard drive, label printer, surge protector (mounted directly to the desk), power supplies, cables, all kinds of ugly stuff that I’d rather not keep on top of the desk or on the floor.

~ Trevor Price, Denver, Colorado, USA