Bespoke AV Cabinet

Materials: Faktum/Applad base cabinets; Profile Aurora Laminate Benchtop; Soundlabs Acoustic Speaker Grille Cloth

Description: I was unable to find any off-the-shelf solutions that would house full size audio visual equipment. Most AV cabinets are too shallow and/or too short. I soon realised that I needed a bespoke solution. I designed and built this solution at a fraction of what it would of cost to pay a professional to get it wrong 😉

I wanted something that would house the 3 front speakers, full sized receiver, NAS, Xbox, DTV etc and keep the clutter concealed without any negative impact on sound quality.

I opted for Ikea Faktum kitchen cabinets to form the base. I custom cut a German made laminate bench top since the cabinet is 2500mm long and Ikea only supply benchtops up to 2400mm long.

The doors are Ikea Applad White and started out as solid doors. I routed them out, routed a rebate in the back, painted the routed edges and filled the routed holes with white German made acoustic speaker cloth. The doors make valuable use of Ikea soft closing hinges and spring loaded releases which remove the need to add handles to the doors.

~ Ryan, Australia

Jules Yap