Expedit wall shelf into nightstand

Materials: Expedit wall shelf + Expedit insert with 2 drawers + 4 hairpin legs + screws + rust proof spray + drill

Description: I was searching for a nightstand for my new bedroom and I couldn’t find anything that would match my vision or my price range.

After scouring the Ikea website, I decided that the Expedit wall shelf would work great as a nightstand with the addition of the Expedit insert with 2 drawers and legs. Alone the wall shelf + inserts would have sufficed as a nightstand, but I wanted some height for better flow with the height of my bed…and also, I just love hairpin legs.

I ordered my 8″ legs from hairpinlegs.com in raw steel, and rust proofed them before drilling the holes and attaching them on the bottom of my assembled wall shelf. They make the legs to order and come in various sizes.

See more of the the Expedit nightstand with hairpin legs.

~ clearlytangled, San Diego, CA