IKEA turned Restoration Hardward Printers Cabinet

Materials: EXPEDIT, 1X2s, 1x1s, 4 legs, wood top, 12 handles

Description: We turned our Expedit into a Restoration Hardware Printers Cabinet.

Step 1: the doors would not lay flesh against the piece unless we added this trim around the front. So we added 2×1 trim around the outside. We did two layers of the trim to make it 2×2. We also added the piece down the front so that it could have 2 cabinet doors. We used 2 1/4 inch screws. Make sure you pre-drill so you can wood putty afterwards.

Step 2: Add the legs. We got these legs from Lowes at clearance because they are discontinuing them, so we got them for $2 a piece. I linked similar ones.

Step 3: Paint the whole dang piece! Those little cubbies were a pain in the you know what to paint! We used Annie Sloan Chateau Grey for this piece. Kind of a sage color.

Step 4: Make the doors. If you decide to use the same Ikea piece as me, just email me and I will give more specific directions on size, etc. Basically, we took 2×2’s and we screwed on planks of wood, alternating 2×1’s and 4×1’s to give it the old small drawer look. You can see the impact on the finished piece really nicely with the alternating sizes. It is a bit tricky getting it exactly right with the door size though.

Step 5: We cut the top, added trim to it and stained it. We used Spanish Oak colored stain, which is a rich brown black grey. Then I waxed finished it with Johnson’s Wax.

Step 6: Add the doors onto the piece. We used euro hinges from Home Depot. They can be tricky and a bit more expensive, but oh so worth it.

So here the piece laid in wait until the beloved handles arrived in 2 days. Gotta love Amazon Prime!

Step 7: We added the beautiful handles. They are super duper tricky to put on, so we got creative and painted over the little holes with paint and then pushed them against the piece and it left little marks where we needed to drill.

Step 8: We added drawer pulls to every large piece of wood on the fronts, which was 6 on each side. Then we used our handy dandy stud finder/leveler to make sure the handles were in line on both sides.

Step 9: Put your stuff back into the cubbies 🙂

Step 10: Step back and admire your work!

See more of the printer cabinet.

~ Meg Piercy, Chicago, IL

Jules Yap