We have it! The KNUFF transformable coffee table is the IKEA Hack of 2012

Updated: 20 Jan
The votes are in and a big congratulations to imchaser, creator of the Knuff transformable coffee table! It was a clear winner with 25% of votes, while the Frosta X came in second with 14% and the  Expedit extension next with 13% of votes. The Trunk Bar edged over the Karlstad sofa for fourth place with just 2 votes. What a close fight.

Thank you everyone who voted and made your choice known. Like one commenter said, we did have a bounty of good hacks in 2012 and it was a tough to choose just one. In the end, the originality and creativity of the Knuff hack won the day. Kudos, imchaser.

Prezzies! Yay!
Bragging rights aside, the winner gets to play with PANYL and their hundreds of colors and organic, life-like woodgrains.

The winner gets a choice of either:
a) A fully customized ODDA 3-drawer dresser (including the actual chest, which be will prePANYL for the winner using their newest custom “HackPack” concept. (This prize would be USA only).

b) $200 in PANYL gift certificates, which could be used towards merchandise and global shipping at PANYL.com.

If you’re unsure what PANYL is, check out their website.

Till next year!