Galant Standing Desk with Monitor Shelf

Materials: Galant 160x80cm Desk with Frame, Galant 80x60cm Extension Table with Frame (2), Galant T-Leg (2), 8″ Capita Legs (2), Ekby Hemnes 119x28cm Shelf, 1′ Long 3/8″ Threaded Rod (4), 3/8″ Hex Nut (4)

Description: Inspired by Steev Kelley’s two-level Galant hack, I set out to create my ideal standing desk.

This design provides a 160x80cm upper desk, a 160x60cm lower shelf and a 119x28cm monitor shelf.

I had a lot of fun thinking this out and figuring out what pieces to use. Thanks again to Steev for the original concept.

Step 1 – Assembling the lower frame

In order to match the width of the lower shelf to the upper shelf and still keep it out of the way of my legs, I used two 80x60cm extension tables (901.052.67) and matching extension frames (100.568.88) connected lengthwise.

My intent was to connect the two extension frames to one another and expand them to match the 160×80 frame on the upper desk, but I underestimated the ability of the extension frames to extend that far. By drilling my own holes in the extension bars and using metal screws, I was able to accomplish what I had set out to do, but I recommend an 80x60cm table frame (200.805.57) and the extension frame (100.568.88) for anyone else wanting to duplicate this.

Step 2 – Prepare the lower shelf for the upper desk supports

Unpack the two extension tables (901.052.67) and place them bottom-up and lengthwise to create a 160x60cm surface. The arrangement should be such that the pre-drilled holes will line up with the screw holes in the lower frame. Lift the lower frame up onto the extension tables to verify this and adjust the arrangement of the tables as required, but do not attach the lower frame yet.

Once this is done, go to each end of the lower frame and locate the holes where A-legs would normally be attached. These are located 7cm from the edge of the frame on either side of where the T-legs are to be mounted. Use a pencil to mark the corresponding location on the bottom of the extension tables. Then, remove the frame and use a 3/8″ drill bit to bore holes through the extension tables where the marks were drawn.

Step 3 – Assemble the lower shelf

Attach the T-legs to the lower frame and attach the lower frame to the extension tables per the Galant instructions. When complete, set the lower shelf on its legs.

Step 4 – Create the supports

Open the first box of Capita legs (200.495.38) and remove the legs and four plastic caps.

Remove the base from each leg. They are snug and it can sometime take a bit of effort to detach them. Use the 3/8″ drill bit again to bore a hole in the centre of each base. Clean off any excess plastic and re-attach the bases to the legs.

Insert a threaded rod into the base of each leg and screw it into the upper thread so that 9cm (3.5″) of rod protrudes from the base. Screw the plastic cap provided onto the threaded rod at the top of each leg.

Step 5 – Attach the support to the lower shelf

Place one of the supports in each of the drilled holes in the lower shelf. The threaded rod at the bottom should protrude through the A-leg holes in the lower frame. Secure each rod to the lower frame with a 3/8″ nut.

Step 6 – Attach the upper frame to the supports

Place the upper frame (000.568.84) onto the supports using the same A-leg holes. Secure the upper frame to the supports with 3/8″ nuts and tighten both the upper frame nut and lower frame nut to the point where the Capita leg will not turn. Be careful that the threaded rod does not extend beyond the thickness of the upper frame’s nut.

Once complete, use a grinder tool to cut off the excess threaded rod below the lower nut.

(Note: A 10″ long 3/8″ bolt might also be sufficient to assemble the supports without the mess of grinding off the threaded rod, but I haven’t actually tried this.)

Step 7 – Attach the upper desk to the upper frame

Attach upper desk to the upper frame per the Galant instructions.

Step 8 – Assemble the monitor shelf

Open the other package of Capita legs and attach them to the four corners of the Ekby Hemnes (301.798.74) shelf. Place the assembled shelf toward the back of the upper desk.

~ Jody Lemoine, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada