Carpet turned to Entertainment Centre backing

Materials: 1 x VINDE Carpet, 2x BENNO DVD Tower, 1x LACK Wall Shelf, 1x LACK Regal, 6x CAPITA Legs

Description: My wife is tired of cleaning the carpet everyday and we decided to change it but we don’t want throw it away. I thought it might be good to use it as wall carpet with the wall mount TV to hide the cables 🙂

1st, I mounted the LACK shelf as the same height of the BENNO DVD Tower.
2nd is the carpet using wall plugs, screws and washers then mounted the TV (I made a small cut on the carpet for the cables)
3rd the BENNO DVD tower
4th finally the 6 CAPITA legs to the LACK Regal but I removed the 2 dividers so I can put the amplifier.

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~ DJ MX3, Dubai, UAE

Jules Yap