Coffee table from old Nenne computer desk

Materials: 4 dowels, 2 x 6cm screws, 2 pieces of wood 44cm x 5cm x 2cm, 6 pieces of wood 72cm x 3,5cm x 1cm; 1 pieces of wood 44cm x 3,5cm x 1cm; old champagne box(optional)

Description: I decided to turn my old computer table in to a coffee table. Rather than buy one, I liked the curves of this discontinued Nenne. Initially my plan was to use copper pipes, but since I had plenty of leftover wood from other DIY projects, it was better to use it in this. Here are the steps:
1 – remove the castors, net and keyboard tray
2 – the bottom panel which had the castor, needs to the turned 180 degrees, so that the castor holes are facing inside.
3 – mark the inside of the panels where the supporting pieces of wood will be (I marked them at 6,5cm from the edge)

4 – drill the holes on the pieces of wood for the dowels and the screws (I used 1 screw and 2 dowels for each)
5 – mark the holes for the dowels and the screws on the table panels
6 – screw the wood pieces in place (I used a bit of wood glue to fix the dowels, but this is not essential)
7 – take the 6 pieces of wood and make them in to a straddle, and place it above the supporting pieces of wood.(i used the cut-offs for the transversal)
8 – place the champagne box (optional!) and voila!

~ wilson mintilana, London

Jules Yap