High sleeper bookshelf (KURA+RIBBA)

Materials: KURA + RIBBA + 3 screws

Description: My son was sometimes keeping books on his KURA high sleeper, but as he is a big boy now, he also needs his space in the bed.

I also had this RIBBA laying around and decided to add them together.

The RIBBA (mounted sideways) provides an excellent bookshelf! Books/Comics slide in and out easily.

A very simple IKEA hack, required:
1) KURA bed
3) three decent screws

Just mount the RIBBA to the KURA as shown in pictures.
I used a longer (190cm) RIBBA than is current sold in the (Dutch) IKEA, but a 115cm also works.
I shortened the RIBBA to make it fit exactly and put three screws in the existing holes of the RIBBA and… DONE!

~ remco, Netherlands

Jules Yap