Ikea Pot Rack Hack


Description: Tiny kitchen problems.

My second most hated kitchen cupboard is the evil spot that semi stores all my pots and pans. My top most hated cupboard is the Tupperware one but we won’t get into that now as I have not figured out a solution for that yet. Soooooooahh back on track to the pots and pans. All of which, mind you, have ended up smashing a toe of mine at one point or another while struggling to pull the right one out… not to mention trying to find its matching lid! Ugh.

Breathe DeAnn… BREATHE!

Ok so anyway, this Ikea hack is a wall pot hanger holder thingy with a shelf! I already had an old (28in – 48in) curtain rod from my move that I could no longer use so when I saw the EKBY MANS shelf brackets, I just knew that I could slide my rod through the holes in their design under the shelf and hang pots from it!

And that’s just what I did.

~ DeAnn