High-top Gerton Slab Kitchen Island


Materials: Bestå Castors, Gerton Table Top, Lack TV Unit

After looking all over the place for a kitchen island that would meet the needs of our new, open (but smaller) kitchen, we decided to hack it with Ikea. We wanted something multi-functional that could operate as a dining table, prep table, shelf, stool storage, and bar top all at the same time. VOILA! Here is our handsome new kitchen Frankenstein!

We used 4 Lack TV Units ($15/each), the largest Gerton Table Top ($80), and 8 of the Bestå system castors (2 for $13/each).

rsz_img_1300 rsz_img_1301 rsz_img_1302-2

We stacked the Lack units 2×2 to form the base shelves, and secured using some adhesive and nails with small black aluminum plates purchased from a local hardware store. We went with 2 of these small plates at each corner, nailed into the Lack legs. You could use a more robust steel plate support, but this feels pretty sturdy and really disappears from a couple of feet away.

Next, we drilled out (1/4″) the bottoms of the Lack legs to fit out the Bestå castors. These lock too, they’re great.

Finally, we aligned the Gerton table top with both shelves, leaving a 3″ margin around, to maximize the span and give the top a floating appearance. This was secured with 3 steel L brackets from the hardware store on each side.

It works great, and rolls around nicely. The final dimensions are 67″L x 35.5″D x 41″H. We may add some wire cross-bracing to secure it a little further, but want it to appear as minimal and open as possible.