Wall lights and closet en pendant!

Materials: Gyllen lamp and Ikea Stockholm Blad fabric

Description: My entrance was insignificant and dark, and I didn’t like the lights and the old closet, so I decided to buy Gyllen lamps, but I didn’ like the default panels…

First idea: buy normal glass panels and cover them with Blad fabric.
How to do that:
1. Buy glass sheets (56 cm) from your local glazier;
2. Cut the fabric with an extra edge and fix it with silicone;
3. Mount the lamp on the wall!

Second idea: make panels for the closet en pendant. How to do that:
1. Buy wooden slats to measure and, of course, the fabric, use: glue (vinavil), nails and tapestry stapler, silicone to fix;
2. Nail down the slats to make frames for the panels (fix them with glue);
3. Fix the fabric on the frames with glue and with staples all around, and cut off the borders;
4. Fix the panels with silicone on the closet’s doors and let them fasten putting them on the floor, one on each other;
5. Remount the doors….done!

Now you have lamps and closet en pendant!

~ CyberLory, Pisa – Italy