ALGOT WING Work Station


Description: A expandable compact working table and cabinet made from ALGOT frame & basket, ALGOT frame of laundry bag, ANTONIUS Top, and hinges purchased from next door hardware shop. I would like to name it as “ALGOT WING” from its expansion table top on both sides. I got this idea from IKEA’s NORDEN gateleg table.

After I installed my Vika work table, I started to looking for a cabinet. I found that the ANTONIUS / ALGOT frame basket provided big enough capacity and fitted the table and my budget. Not only that, with some modifications I could expand my work space and adjust it to any situation.

I use the ALGOT frame sized 70cm as the main structure and used ALGOT laundry basket frame as a gateleg. The ALGOT table top is too narrow so I used three ANTONIUS table tops sized 44x55cm which perfectly fit in the width of the frame. I joined three table tops with hinges then installed the center top to the frame with the given wall mount fittings provided in ALGOT set. That’s it.

~ POP, Banhkok

Jules Yap