A metal shelf that’s perfect as a guitar pedalboard

metal pedalboard

Metal shelf with ready made holes for a pedalboard.

So. I needed a pedalboard for my bass guitar pedals. Going through my garage I found an ALGOT metal shelf I wasn’t using. I think it fits its purpose perfectly!

IKEA items used:

DIY metal pedalboard

As the shelf is made of metal, there’s the option to temporarily place the pedals with self adhesive magnet strips. This is good if you want to move the pedals around or use different pedals from time to time.

As I only own two pedals and wanted them to be more permanently attached I instead used ordinary pedal Velcro strips. The shelf has a lot of holes in it which means you can also attach the pedals with plastic strips.

metal pedalboard ikea algot
metal pedalboard ikea algot

The cables can be organised and held in place with plastic strips through the holes.

To make absolutely sure the board doesn’t damage the floor, I used four FIXA stick-on floor protectors — one in each corner under the board.

fixa floor protector

Optional: If wanted, two ALGOT brackets can be attached to give the whole metal pedalboard an angle. In this case it’s extremely important to attach, for example, two FIXA floor protectors to the brackets. They are extremely sharp and is guaranteed to damage your floor.

~ by David Wallin

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