P1000918 735777
P1000918 735777

Materials: Two Nordmyra chairs, One big and heavy window (1/2″ X 17.5″ X 52.5″), sand paper, handsaw or jigsaw, self-adhesive felt strip.

Description: 1. Remove the seat of both chairs, and keep bolts on the side.
2. Take the saw and cut the stiles of each chairs sharply.
3. To get a good finishing cut, use the sand paper.

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4. Put back the 8 bolts, head on top (if you want to have a metal/wood style)
5. Put felt strip on each corner. Make sure that those strips are thicker than the bolt head.
6. Take the window and put it on the structure. The window is 30kg, so there’s no need to fix it.
7. That’s it, enjoy!

~ Dominic St-Aubin, Montréal, Canada

Jules Yap