Vintage Look Tarva TV Console

Materials: Tarva 6-Drawer Chest, Decorative Knobs, Wood Stain & Paint

Description: Well once again we were on the hunt for an entertainment center, but IKEA’s selection came up a little short. The have a lot of “vintage” look items, but their TV consoles seem to be pretty modern across the board. Not to mention, a unit with sufficient storage can get pretty pricey.

Luckily for us DIY-er’s, they have the Tarva line of unfinished wood products. Thus, we were able to get the 6-drawer chest for a whopping $149.00. Even out-of-the-box, the chest is a great substitute for an otherwise pricey entertainment center.

To go along with our theme though, the chest needed a little face lift. A small can of some “espresso” wood stain for the drawers and a large can of some “ebony” wood stain for the frame and we were off to a good start…

After applying the stain and letting that dry (no polyurethane was applied), we assembled the dresser. With the drawers left out, we lightly brushed a thin layer of some cream colored latex paint to the frame of the dresser.

For the final touch, we opted to use some decorative pull knobs from our local hardware store instead of the basic ones supplied with the dresser.

All in all, this was a very simple hack with absolutely great results. We had originally planned to use casters, but were happy with how it currently sits.

~ Christopher Clemons, Florida

Jules Yap