Kura transformation

Materials: Ikea Kura, wood

Description: My eldest son was sleeping in a Kura bed, my youngest son in a small bed that had become too small.

Problem: the room was too small for two beds and was full of toys scattered on the floor. So I decided to transform the Kura bed in a bunk bed for two, with several drawers and with a lineup that would allow to go up comfortably on the floor for sleeping or playing. The banks are high enough to be safe not only for sleeping but also to play (a small child can stand).

How I did it:
1. I overturned the Kura bed so that the same mattress in the lower part
2. I disassembled the side rails to make room for drawers under the mattress
3. I cut one of the top beams to make room for the ladder.
4. I closed the upper bed with boards and set the posts for the railing (can be opened easily to put him to bed when he is asleep).
5. I have completed the work with drawers under the stairs and under the bed and with a pulley with which the kids will enjoy playing.

Dimenticavo: ho cambiato il materasso standard con 2 più corti ( 160cm x90cm). C’è ancora tempo per crescere!

See more photos of the Kura bed transformation.

~ Lorenzo

Jules Yap